Racism and Nazism Are Haunting Germany’s World Cup Campaign


Prior to the debut of this year’s World Cup, Germany was not only a favorite to win the tournament, but was voted the most popular country in the world. But while Deutschland still has a loose cup chance, its popularity may be waning after a few controversies that have seen the country’s Nazi past reemerge—and which throw an unwelcome spotlight on the country’s present, albeit isolated, neo-Nazism.

Nazi-era jersey
An exhibit of historical soccer jerseys in Salvador, Brazil has flared into controversy because of its inclusion of a 1934 German replica uniform. The white garment with a reichsadler, or imperial eagle, perched on a swastika has many wondering who could have made such an insensitive oversight. While looking at the 1934 regalia, Rolf Zettel of Fribourg, Switzerland told the Associated Press: „Is this a joke or what? Germany 1934 [was] a despicable time. Is this OK? No it’s not…

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